A Couple of Cliffords

and Jackson too!

Oh Hey There!

Hey everybody! SO sorry for the long has been tripping along most speedily. Seems like we have barely had time to take a breath since this year started, and we're only just now back into the groove. I will try... Continue Reading →


A Month Of Wonder

Now I know what y'all are thinking. There is no way I can top what John was up to in Sudan, but I had a few updates/praises of my own from our adventures in the good ol' USA. God had... Continue Reading →

Well it has been a WHILE!

Hey err'body! I must sincerely the communication half of the Clifford clan I have failed most miserably. It's been so long since we updated, because, well, it's been crazy-licious around here. Most of you know (because you saw us!)... Continue Reading →

Exciting Times On the Horizon!

Dear friends and family! Rachel, Jackson and I are doing well and we are so grateful for the prayer and support we receive from many of you! Teaching I have finally finished lecturing on the New Testament Survey course at... Continue Reading →

Reachin’ Out

Hey Friends! It's me again...our lives haven't been too eventful these days, but I wanted to share a little story from an outreach we did last Saturday. John, Jackson and I headed out to a place we often do evangelism... Continue Reading →

The Other Half Speaks

Hey all! I know you're sick of me writing, so here's the man himself with a brief update from the Clifford Clan. This past month, we have seen doors of opportunity open up for us. A church in the Southern Suburbs... Continue Reading →

Um we had a baby

Hey y’all! Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been slightly preoccupied with the arrival of our newest team member! If you hadn’t heard the news, Jackson Mark Clifford arrived fashionably late on the night of July 7th . He was... Continue Reading →

All the Showers!

Hey all! So first off, NO baby Clifford yet! He is still happily swimming, and I am praying he is not like his mama and doesn't wait an extra 15 days to arrive (Sorry Mom...) We are counting down the... Continue Reading →

Raising the ROOF!

Hey everyone! We are SOOOO joyfully thankfully excited to announce that we have a place to live!!! It is a little flat (apartment) in a complex close to our parents and church family...we are absolutely thrilled. Firstly, we thank God... Continue Reading →

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