Hello ALL!

Hope you all are well! You may be wondering what we’ve been up to since we returned from our mission, about a month ago! Don’t worry, we have been running (well…slow running for Rachel) around like crazy!

After a mission, you suddenly become very popular and receive invitations to give report-backs at churches, small groups, and radio stations, so John especially has been kept very busy with that, preaching a few times, and giving multiple presentations.

HERE! is the link to our radio interview, where we spoke about our experiences in Zambia, Tanzania, and Namibia!

John has not only been preaching at our home church, but also spoke at 2 missions conferences. One was here in Cape Town, and he encouraged the pastors and leaders there with a thought-provoking exhortation about the message of a missionary. He expounded upon Colossians 1:28-29, challenging the congregation about what they know about Christ and encouraging them to preach unashamedly about His glorious attributes.

We had the privilege and delight of flying up to Johannesburg, to speak at a church there about missions. Because we have family there, it was part work, part reunion, and such a joy to laugh with family, as well as speak to the church leaders about how to WISELY get involved with missions, and then the whole congregation about what we do. While John was speaking to the adults, Rachel got to give the Sunday school kids their own talk about what is a missionary, and to challenge them to start NOW, giving them practical ways they could get involved. There were quite a few questions at the end, where the kids asked about my experiences in Uganda (were there flushing TOILETS? What was the grossest thing you ate??), what it’s like in America (who’s the President? Are there cafeterias there?), who are your favorite 3 kids in Japan?, and (these ones just MELTED my heart) asked if we were worried about taking our baby into Africa, before and after he’s born.

It was so sweet and fun to chat to these young people, to share the gospel with them, and challenge them to share the gospel with others. Truly kids have the most amazing hearts, and they never fail to make me smile with their enthusiasm and hilarious questions.

We’ve been counting down the days till little bear makes his appearance (only 8 weeks until his due date! EEK!) and are searching for that ever-elusive thing called “free-time”, as John continues faithfully creeping closer to the end of his theological studies, and as Rachel spends every waking minute house-hunting…

I know most of you all know, but it has been SO difficult finding housing here in Cape Town. Between the fact that rental costs have skyrocketed recently with the influx of people migrating towards the cities and college towns, and that the places that are affordable are simply not safe, especially for Rachel and the baby to be home alone all day, we have yet to find a place.

So pray with us please, that God would (literally) open a door in a good area, that miraculously, we would find a safe and cozy place, hopefully before our little bear makes his appearance!

Thank you for all who have been searching with us, encouraging us, and praying for us! We so appreciate your support and love, and are excited for the day we get to announce how God has provided!

Let us know how WE can pray for YOU!
All our love
from we
the Clifford Three